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Gábor Becht, Cross-cultural Strategies principal, was born of Hungarian parents in Ankara, Turkey. His father was a "Professeur du Sport", having graduated from the prestigious Hungarian army sports academy SPOTI, and also participated in the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936. His father's influence and dedication to several sports disciplines, including fencing, skiing, gymnastics, alpinism and athletics in general help shape Gábor's love for and involvement with sports as a parallel path to his career as a cross-cultural specialist and businessman.

The family later emigrated to Brazil where he grew up in a multi-lingual environment which included his mother tongue Hungarian, as well as Portuguese and English, the latter because he enrolled in an American school in Rio de Janeiro where his father established a Physical Education program.

This upbringing set the stage for a multinational career and a wealth of life experiences, including many years spent in Western Europe, the Americas (North and South) and Japan. He later mastered fluency in the German, Dutch and Spanish languages and a solid understanding of the Japanese culture.

Gábor holds a degree in Physics (Sigma Pi Sigma honorary member) and a minor in languages. In addition to holding key marketing and sales positions in multi-national corporations around the world, he has been actively involved in international language projects in both the High Technology fields as well as major sports events worldwide. He considers Rio de Janeiro his hometown, the city of his youth and formative years. He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. While he has almost retired from competitive football (soccer), he is an avid biker, day in, day out.