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  • 2022: Ongoing work includes translations for faith-based organizations, non-profit charities, international translation agencies and major corporations via third-party providers.

The expanding and often fluctuating nature of the global economy generates a continuous need for localization or globalization of all content, whether that be corporate messages or market, product and technical information. The constantly shifting nature of inter-cultural influences worldwide require a careful and thorough planning and execution of translations, adaptations of content to address new global audiences. CCS leverages many years of linguistic experience.

  • Localizing, adapting, business, advertising and technical content to key languages
  • Language pairs for translation: PTB -> ENG, PTG -> ENG, DEU -> ENG, HUN -> ENG, NL -> ENG, SPA -> ENG, HUN -> PTB, PTB -> HUN
  • Marketing and corporate messaging adaptation to overseas markets and subsidiaries
  • Corporate web site training and internal content's cultural adaptation to overseas regions
  • Specialized industries: electronics, communications, wireless technologies, general business, sports & entertainment, diplomatic and public relations
  • Regional Expertise: Western-, Central Europe, North & South America, Japan

While finding translation or localization resources worldwide is easy enough, it is quite common to find major costly linguistic, functional, and cultural errors being committed by organizations who did not adequately prepare for these transitions. Quality Assurance of existing localized content can and should be carried out before implementation to avoid damaging corporate reputations and customer/partner relations.

  • Assessment of cultural accuracy and integrity of localized content and documentation and software
  • Review legal and corporate agreements for appropriate language and tone (inter-regional expertise within European countries, Latin American regions, North America, Japan)
  • Consultative QA of written and spoken (audio and video) localized materials and broadcasts
  • Core source languages: Portuguese, English, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese